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This week we came home from our 4-day trip from Porto. I would like to tell you, that Porto is absolutely amazing, definitely it wasn´t my last visit. The city is full of contrasts. We were accomodated in B&B on the Aliados, so it was everything very close. (Metro, train, main sqare...) We have visited also one vine cave:) To other tourists I can recommend the old town, beach in Miramar, also the harbour on the northern part if the city, many castels, nice buildings and many kind people. The transport in the city is very good, all the fishes better and the Porto vine the best:-) You have to taste Porto vine and fresh fishes - you can find it in each restaurant. Near the harbour they grill it on the street, it is very tasty;-) We have also tried to swimm in the ocean - it worked, but it is very cold and strong - but amazing! (near the rocks it it very dangerous - don´t do it!)


Porto is such a beautiful city - and perfectly helpful inhabitants as well. One exception: The public transportation system. If you try to buy tickets at the machines (usually, there is no one selling them), the machine will charge your credit card without giving you tickets, and if you try to pay cash (i.e. insert bills), the machine will love your money, but still will not give you tickets. Complaints at Linha Andante were not answered. Yet there are ticket inspectors everywhere in the metro! Hint: Walk, rent a bike or take a cab, but never use those machines for andante cards (the tourist information - nice lady who could not help us either - does sell them as well, if you really need them).

Clo & Clem

Discover with us the beautiful city of Porto: Porto is an amazing city. What could be more pleasant than strolling through the narrow and steep streets of the old town, walking along the Douro, going to the other side of the river by taking the Dom Luis I bridge and then drinking a nice cold sangria with grilled sardines. Check our video at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BRBIbl_QCDE

Julie Dawn Fox

I’m a big fan of walking around cities; it gives me the chance to take little detours to investigate things that catch my eye and the freedom to take photos whenever I like. But there are of course other options and in some cities, like Porto, they are well worth considering.

Jenny Levack

Porto is filled with wiggly, squiggly, windy cobbled streets, cafes, tasty pastries and old-fashioned trams bumbling up and down the hills. The city and its spectacular River Douro glimmer especially in the summer sunshine, when fresh sardines are tastiest. The São João festival and its magical mist (smoke from grilling all those sardines), all night celebration, mini basil plants and plastic hammers bopping off your head was definitely the highlight of my stay. Surf is great and the people, charming. Muito obrigada for having me Porto! Beijinhos e até breve!

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