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Garcia de Orta

  • Statues & Sculptures
  • Statues, Sculptures,
  • Address: Largo Tomé Pires, Porto
  • Cost: Free(-)
  • Stone statue created by Vilar in 1971, depicting Garcia de Orta, Portuguese physician born in 1500 and graduated in the Spanish Universities of Salamanca and Alcalá. In 1526 he started working as a doctor in Portugal and became a professor. In 1534, as a precaution, owing to his Jewish origin, though already a Catholic by that time, he moved to Goa, where he studied local plants and wrote a book considered to be a master piece of medicine: «Colóquios dos Simples e Drogas e Coisas Medicinais da Índia».
  • GPS: 41.161645, -8.664908
  • Bus: STCP - 202, STCP - 502, STCP - 504